Fighting for people, not corporations or developer interests

I'm running to ensure the Democratic Party works for working people. 

I'm running to strengthen our Party and our democracy. 

I'm running to help Democrats take on Trump and the political corruption that enables him.


The San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee, a.k.a SF DCCC, is the decision-making body of the San Francisco Democratic Party. It decides on local party endorsements and positions, and takes action to register new voters, bolster turnout, grow the Party, and take back the White House and Senate in 2020. 

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Proven progress.

Gordon Mar has a proven record of progress for the people of San Francisco, and he's ready to help move the Democratic Party forward.


As a labor and community organizer, nonprofit director, environmental commissioner, and member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Gordon Mar has always put working families and communities first.


He's fought for more affordable housing, economic fairness, better transit, safer streets, a cleaner and greener City, and a stronger democracy—and delivered. Gordon secured the next decade of Free City College and raises for public school teachers, authored the strongest dark money disclosure law in the nation, and has consistently stood up to big money and big real estate interests and fought for working families

We deserve a Democratic Party rooted in our values, that represents us, and is ready to get big things done. 


social justice democrats

Leading the blue wave

Gordon Mar is running on the Social Justice Democrats slate — a group of proven community leaders running together to lead the blue wave to a progressive and just San Francisco.

The full slate of Social Justice Democrats includes:


Assembly District 19

Keith Baraka

Queena Chen

Kelly Akemi Groth

Leah LaCroix

Janice Li

Li Miao Lovett

Gordon Mar

Faauuga Moliga

Mano Raju

AJ Thomas

Assembly District 17
Alysabeth Alexander
David Campos
Bevan Dufty
Peter Gallotta
Matt Haney
Frances Hsieh
Anabel Ibañez
Jane Kim
Honey Mahogany
Rafael Mandelman
Sophie Maxwell
Hillary Ronen
Shamann Walton
Shanell Williams